Vix & Carolyn (Vix and Carolyn) was an experimental virtual character project based on concepts inspired by the pony cartoon series including Friendship is Magic and A New Generation. The project aimed to follow the community’s trends to design an original character and establish a unique strategy for the previous Voltex Pixel release(s).

Character Introduction

Vix: A blue-colored unicorn who loves science and is passionate about learning new things!

This bright unicorn, Vix, always wants to know more about how the world works, so he spends a lot of time reading books and experimenting to discover new scientific ideas. Although Vix feels confident in science, sometimes he feels shy or nervous when talking to others. But that doesn’t stop him from pursuing his passion for learning and exploring — with some practice, Vix knows he’ll become more comfortable with social situations. So, Vix keeps working hard and is determined to become the best scientist he can be!

Carolyn: A yellow-colored pegasus who values sharing time with her friends!

As part of an influential political family, Carolyn is highly knowledgeable about politics and interested in discussing societal issues. However, she sometimes finds it a bit challenging regarding science and engineering. These subjects require a lot of logic and problem-solving skills, which can be tricky for Carolyn. However, there is no such thing as giving up quickly for her as she is always eager to learn new things. Even if not always scientific, Carolyn loves working with others and communicates her ideas well. With her friendly and outgoing personality, Carolyn will make many friends and have many interesting conversations!


For our respect toward the contributors, we have opened the Vix & Carolyn gallery to provide constant access to all the content. We welcome every artist and creator to share relevant content through the gallery, and we will keep following the activities happening on the project.

Gallery Link:

Future Plans for Vix & Carolyn

We regret to inform you that Vix & Carolyn is no longer an ongoing project on priority, so there is no current plan for future releases related to Vix & Carolyn from the official Voltex Pixel channel. However, we welcome every artist and creator to share relevant content through the gallery, and we will keep following the activities happening in the project community.

Vix & Carolyn as PonyInKR ambassadors

“Familiar to locals, Fresh-looking to worldwide individuals!”

We would like to introduce two ambassador characters, Vix and Carolyn, acting as the PonyInKR mascots! Born from a virtual character project led by Voltex Pixel, Vix and Carolyn return to lead the community trends and provide a representative fandom icon in Korea.

As the proud ambassador characters of the Korean community, Vix and Carolyn gracefully embody the essence of Korean culture with their meticulously designed outfits.

Drawing inspiration from the elegance of Cheong’gem’bok, Korea’s traditional attire, their garments showcase the rich tapestry of history and artistry the culture offers. This attire, traditionally worn by Confucian scholars and Sungkyunkwan students during the Joseon dynasty, highlights the nation’s rich intellectual history and devotion to education.

Through their captivating appearance — familiar to locals, fresh-looking to worldwide individuals — Vix and Carolyn seamlessly bridge the gap between Korea’s storied past and dynamic present while introducing global audiences to the timeless beauty of the culture!

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