"Perfect requires Practice to reach the point of the Vertex."

Voltex Pixel


  • Started from creating batch files powered by command prompt, Voltex Pixel is a creator of various applications, like PONY.ICU, FireMyFiles, and Audio Visualizer, which mainly on the web.

    Although he is in progress of learning this massive world of computer science, he always attempts to create something with the knowledge and abilities he has. To share what he has created and analyze how to improve it, he opens the source code in his GitHub page in most cases, which he believes sharing is for learning more!

    Having a passion for computer technology, he is putting efforts on learning more to create more what he wants to.

    Voltex Pixel
    As an app developer
  • Not intended to be the musical artist in the first place, Voltex Pixel found his passion for producing music while he was studying MIDI structures to do programming related to it.

    From starting with the simple chiptune and MIDI song, he self-learned of producing, mixing and mastering the song in entire. With constant critics from others, failures and attempting to change his ways, he was able to have several steps forward for his better music production.

    Still developing himself, he is now producing music, mainly focused on electronic, with putting efforts to express what he wants to and give inspirations to others in general.

    Voltex Pixel
    As a musical artist
  • My Little Pony may be something childish that sounds not worth to watch for older generations, but it has special meaning to Voltex Pixel. It switched him to become active in social and gave a boost of feeling passion for music production beyond what he is doing (app dev), which is when he started to fall in love (?) with those ponies.

    The perspective of viewing the franchise may vary depending on how each person thinks, but what he believes is that there will be no himself like present exists without the franchise and other bronies/pegasisters.

    Friendship is Magic.

    Voltex Pixel
    As a brony




Made Web Hosting Service Free and Simple. Get your website hosted free with unlimited web hosting. No disk space nor bandwidth limits at all.



Made online note taking app simple but powerful, created by Voltex Pixel.

Audio Visualization

Made awesome audio visualizations to be much easier, created by Voltex Pixel.

Voltex Pixel the Pony

Meet the Voltex Pixel's original character based on pony concepts (as known as Vix)!



Every little bit helps, so even if you pledge only a few bucks, I would very appreciate it.

Still improving my SKILLS!

Although I do multiple things like coding, audio productions, and more, I am still improving my skills to do so as doing practice makes perfect. To better improve them efficiently, I have made the online form to collect opinions and critics from everyone.