Voltex Pixel #Global focuses on delivering our creations to a vast audience worldwide beyond the potential fans. The primary objective of Voltex Pixel #Global is to gather valuable know-how and a practical understanding relevant to proper localization strategies while establishing local communities in the lead. Thanks to our operation, the project has been successful in several countries, including those with significant cultural barriers. Beyond the musical project, we have contributed to various communities in certain countries to boost their activeness by providing our release content with high familiarity.

伯特诗PX (Voltex Pixel China)

China (Mainland)

Official Channels:


  • EquestriaCN (小马中国): https://www.equestriacn.com/author/voltexpixel

볼텍스 픽셀 (Voltex Pixel Korea)

Republic of Korea

Official Channel:


  • PonyInKR (포니인코리아): TBA


  • Вихревой Пиксель (Voltex Pixel Russia) – Russian Federation
  • ボルテックス・ピクセル (Voltex Pixel Japan) – Japan